Professional Technical Support for Home and Small Business Needs

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Simply What It Is

Service Level Agreements for Managed Networks is simply Full Network Management Services; 

At CompUSav we adapt and include your specific process needs

this includes:

  • Labor for all Hardware and Software repairs
  • Network Management and Troubleshooting
  • Maintain Antivirus and SpywareMaintain
  • Microsoft Security patchesMaintain
  • Network Router and VPN Security
  • Configuration of Printers including Scan to Network Configurations
  • Fax Servers
  • Remote Access into your Office Network
  • Remote Assist from your home and from your office
  • Onsite and Cloud Backups.


Cost for Managed Networks
30.00 per month per workstation
150.00 per month per server

Cost for Unmanaged Networks
80.00 per hour paid in advanced
40.00 per hour for computer repairs

Why do you need to outsource Technology Services?
  • Save money
  • Conserve valuable resources 
  • Less downtime means more productivity 
  • No IT employees to manage (We take care of everything) 
  • Security 
  • Growth management 
  • 24/7 monitoring