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CompUSav Technology Services has been serving the needs of Arizona Small Businesses for over a decade. Rebecca Stanke began building IT systems for friends and family, Then one day a friend asked her to manage his Law Firm Technology. She found her nitch helping Small Businesses grow by keeping IT affordable. Rebecca is currently a graduate student in Global Technology at Arizona State University. Rebecca's passion is technology in education. Why? because the results drawn from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) reports American students scoring well below their competition in international comparisons, the double whammi is Arizona is well below the U.S. average. If Arizona is to maintain our productivity as a state then we need to develope a highly qualified cadre of scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs, and other professionals. To achieve this objective, we must have an educational framework that focuses on increasing competencies in technology by teaching students creativity and innovation .

This is what drives Rebecca passion for Arizona and why she wants kids in school learning by doing. Scratch from MIT is a free kids programming application. The inherent nature of programming strengthens problem solving skills and creativity. For students to successfully create a game that works, they must contextualize the knowledge. Likewise, if a student has to contextualize their curriculum into a game; they gain understanding of how things work, not just how to use the tool. After-all anyone can use a calculator; which is not the same as understanding how a calculator computes the numbers.

She believes that for tomorrows leaders to troubleshoot futuristic issues, they must be educated using technology focused curriculem. Currently Rebecca is conducting case studies using Scratch in Arizona's public schools. Rebecca also volunteers her company by repairing One Laptop Per Child Laptops for children in developing countries.

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